Youth Ministry

Youth Director: Martha Whitesides

​Regular Meetings:
Sunday School at 9:45am and 11am
Fellowship- Sundays at 4pm
See church calendar and events for latest info and schedule.

Wesleyan Chapel’s Youth Fellowship (WCYF) is an ongoing opportunity for youth in grades 6-12 to gather, learn, build bonds of friendship, deepen their faith in God, share their gifts, and serve others in Christ’s name.

Our mission is to actively and effectively prepare our sons and daughters to navigate life (away from home) in a post-Christian culture.

Everybody stumbles, so, when the going gets tough, we want our young adults to instinctively fall back on their God-foundation and know how to get back on the right track.

Through the V.I.N.E., WC’s mission, we empower our youth with Christ-centered, biblically-based life-skills that help them to experience life abundantly.
WCYF a safe place to investigate faith. By examining hard questions, cultural biases, stark realities, and conflicting secular views, our youth will enter the adult world with realistic expectations and the ability to think freely and critically.

Connection & Outreach
We participate in various activities and missions throughout the year. Included in these yearly activities are: Pilgrimage in the fall (a huge gathering of youth from the North Carolina Conference), a ski retreat in the winter, and a week-long mission trip in the summer.

We also collaborate with multiple food missions to eliminate hunger; go to concerts; hang out at the beach (clean-up); and participate in local mission projects.

All these activities enable the youth to grow closer to each other as they grow closer to God, helping them form lasting relationships with their peers, their church, and others throughout the community. We encourage youth to bring their friends to our regular youth group meetings –the more, the merrier!