MYF (Youth)

Sunday Mornings

All youth are encouraged to attend the service.

9:45 am
H3T (Sunday School): 6-12th grade – Room 202 in Lee Hall

All youth are encouraged to attend the service.


Sunday evenings at 5:00pm during the school year.

Wesleyan Chapel Youth Ministry (MYF) is an ongoing opportunity for youth in grades 6-12 to gather, learn, build bonds of friendship, deepen their faith in God, share their gifts, and serve others in Christ’s name. Every Sunday schedule is different based on the activity planned.
See church calendar and events for latest info and schedule.

Youth Missions

Apart from our regular meeting pattern and special summer schedule, we participate in various activities and missions throughout the year. These could include and are not limited to: NC UMC Conference youth events like Pilgrimage, a ski retreat in the winter, and a week-long mission trip in the summer. We collaborate with missions and ministries within and outside of Wesleyan Chapel to grow our understanding of biblical service. All these activities enable the youth to grow closer to each other as they grow closer to God, helping them form lasting relationships with their peers, their church, and others throughout the community. We encourage youth to bring their friends to our regular youth group meetings – the more, the merrier!